Bye, bye confusing
Data universe!

Central data management with a clear overview and full data sovereignty,
effortless data maintenance as well as efficient search and easy provisioning.

The Mission:
Your data managed in one system

The key feature of digitisation is that more and more data can be collected. BUT keeping an overview, finding it quickly and using it efficiently is becoming more and more costly, resource consuming and, above all, expensive. Customer data, event data, product data, data from partner companies, images, etc. are almost always stored in independent systems. And since data is usually tailored to and optimized for individual application areas, it is difficult to combine the data in a single system.

The time-saving and smart solution:

The benefits & advantages:
Use data more efficiently.

Less time consumption
Controlled access
Central data storage
Effortless distribution
Absolute independence
More added value
Perfect Overview

Clear data overview
in one system

Different data sets, in different formats, are combined via different interfaces in a single, centralized and generalized system.

Control &
data sovereignty

Changes in the source systems are automatically copied to all output channels. This is because data sovereignty always remains in the system in which the data was originally stored and from where it was imported.

data maintenance

A seamless transition within the entire, integrated system landscape and enormous time savings in data maintenance.

Better management &
efficient utilisation

The value of data depends mainly on its effective use. This succeeds with dataCycle: The system provides users with a complete overview of all stored data and a simple and uncomplicated search, administration and the possibility to create their own content collections.

Hello smart Dataverse!

This is how dataCycle works:

and machine readability

In order to ensure a simple integration of the released data for different application areas and target systems, dataCycle is largely oriented to simple and established standards such as JSON-LD, JSON:API,, XML (e.g. for the use of data with Adobe InDesign). Thus the entered data is standardised (same notation), machine-readable for Alexa and Siri and a better Google ranking is achieved.

intelligent search

Data and files can be searched by full text as well as by categories (e.g. summer in Austria). It is not necessary to create your own folders, because the intelligent search filters all imported data automatically.
The system delivers the necessary results in the shortest possible time. Further advantages:

  • Search criteria can be saved and shared with other (internal and external) users.
  • All users always have access to the same and especially the latest data – there is no need to send data and files several times.
  • It is also possible to create individual content collections with data for a specific purpose.

& supplement

dataCycle offers the possibility to create and manage your own content. In addition, the imported content can be easily and clearly improved and supplemented. Any additional data types can be developed for this purpose. In addition, a function for correcting erroneous content from external systems is available. This makes it possible to map the entire editorial process and life cycle of content within dataCycle.

& provide

Various output channels can be operated. There are different possibilities for this: Either via an interface, where external systems can retrieve data, or external channels are individually linked.

Full control,
ultimate independence

The system is installed according to the customer’s wishes: from an appropriately designed computer in the company to a highly optimized server cluster in the in-house data center, the cloud or quickly and easily via one of dataCycle’s hosting packages. This provides absolute independence and unrestricted access to all integrated data and content.

Made for the user

  • Web-based content hub
  • Different screen sizes (responsive design)
  • Simple and intuitive user interface

Fair pricing
& best support

dataCycle is available as a basic package in different sizes, i.e. for a different number of data interfaces and with useful features – tailor-made for individual needs. For optimal use, we offer workshops in which common goals are defined and worked out. And, of course, regular technical support is a matter of course.


… and much more.

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The working group around the DACH-KG, i.e. the TouristicDomain Specifications, was recently extended by tourism organisations and public institutions to include commercial service providers. As an invited partner, dataCycle is directly involved in the definition of these Touristic Domain Specifications. In this way it can be ensured that the developed standards flow directly into the core data structure of dataCycle and that a compliant product is created.